Take A Break

Here’s the thing - Matthew Chapter 13 Verse 1.

I’ve been reading through Matthews account of the life of Jesus and when I got to Chapter 13, the first verse caught my attention.

As you’ll have recognised, chapter 13 follows 12, which recounts events of a Sabbath. Jesus was at home and was confronted again by the Pharisees who were unhappy with how he kept the day. Jesus then healed a man with a shrivelled hand, tried to get away but was followed by crowds, healed many, was again in debate with the Pharisees and then, he took a break.

Jesus simply “went out of the house and sat by the lake”. We sometimes read that Jesus went away on his own to pray, but not this time. He just went to sit by the lake. To do nothing, just to sit. I suspect Jesus knew that after the intensity of his day, he simply needed a break. I find that really reassuring!

I can imagine Jesus sitting on a rock on the shore and just taking things in. I suspect he pondered the beauty of the surroundings (the creation he was of course responsible for), the smells and the sounds of the water and he did a bit of people watching too – perhaps a farmer sowing seed in a field nearby. I suspect he sat and thought and just chatted with his Father. Just relaxing and sharing. And you know we all need moments like that.

Let’s then do something different now. This is a short read, so perhaps use the time saved to go and put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and sit outside or look out the window, and just stop. Take a break. Pause. Take in the world and be still and know that God is God. All is well. As we do that, we’ll be blessed as we’re following the pattern Jesus left for us.

Enjoy your tea and the world around you.


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