Revolving Doors

If doors are closing, don’t assume it’s God who’s doing the closing, If doors are closing, don’t assume it isn’t God either.

The Lord is quite capable of opening and closing any door He chooses. If He decides a door is open then who will shut it?

(see Rev 3:7-8)

In the Hebrew scriptures we are told of a particularly grotty king who closed the doors to the temple of the Lord making sure ordinary God fearing people could not enter the Master’s presence.

Take a look at 2 Chronicles 28:24 and 29:7

This rotten king had rejected the Living God. Instead he opted for political correctness aligning himself with more up to date religion; a state of the art, jazzed up version of worship to impress his new allies. Something “not God” became the focal point of the nation’s attention.

This ruler shut the temple doors. He barred them shut. He let the fires go out. All the lamps were snuffed out and the temple left in darkness. Gone was the sweet smelling incense and sacrifice of praise. Gone was reverence and awe. Gone was the hush of being in the presence of the Almighty.

What this mongrel of the faith didn’t realise was that he was inadvertently doing exactly what the Lord wanted. The Hebrew prophets of his day were pointing that out. The Lord God All Powerful was more than happy for the temple to shut up shop.

Isaiah cried out God’s heart: “I don’t want those sacrifices, I’ve had enough… I am not pleased …You come to meet with me but who asked you to do all this running in and out of my temple rooms”

Isaiah. 1:11-12 (also see Malachi 1:10)

Our Hebrew prophet Isaiah was trying to tell people not to treat their faith like a revolving door. God was saying that these people didn’t really know Him and that He couldn’t stand the pretence any longer. But the Lord says “come let us talk about these things. Though your sins are like scarlet, they can be white as wool. If you are willing, good stuff is gonna come your way” (paraphrase mine).

Can I make a comment as an aside? It came to mind while reflecting on Dan’s various messages on the book of James, about controlling the tongue. Nearly every chapter of James addresses the subject of speech, for good or for ill. James specifically mentions looking down on others and notes our capacity to think or speak disparagingly about those we consider to be less important than ourselves. That kind of talk is a revolving door with God. And inviting any listeners into this revolving door won’t help them either. Could it be that our God opened the Door and let this person in even knowing they were not quite our cup of tea ? Could it be He doesn’t want your opinion about them because He’s already made up His mind about them in Jesus? They are in and they will “in no wise be cast out”.

If your heart really is set on lies and gossip; If disrespecting others is what makes you happy and sets your little cup of joy to overflow (yes even if they deserve it), then you might find yourself in a revolving door. Your exit might be as fast as your entrance. Please take a look at Psalm 15 if you don’t believe me.

If our God has opened the door to this person, then the Master might not want your opinion on whether they should be allowed to stay. He might not want you to keep sharing your opinion to others either.

An open door should make us stand, pause to watch and listen. It should grab our attention. Hush and ponder.

Did the closing doors of 2020 wake and shake us ?

Does the Lord and Master have anything to say to us now as we consider the prospect of opening the doors to our building ?

Are we waiting to get back behind our walls or can the church “doors” remain more open; can we remain more accessible ?

Let’s stand aside and see if there’s anything He has to say. Don’t assume, ask.

If doors are opening, don’t just assume it’s God who’s doing the opening don’t just assume it isn’t God, either If doors are opening, let’s make sure it is the Lord Jesus Christ who opens and holds it open (Rev 3:7-8).

If we do intend to enter let’s do so with a heart open to God, with a pure and humble disposition. You wouldn’t want to run in on a revolving door now, would you.

Make every effort to enter through the narrow way. Find the non-revolving door. Jesus said He was the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the Door. There’s no other way to come in and to stay in.

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