Earlier in a 19th November 2020 Zoom meeting we were asked to reflect on Jesus’ words in Rev 3:12 to the church of Laodicea; the last church on the Revelation circulation list:

“I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth”

Before we had chance to reach for the shedloads of historic and archaeological data, background and metaphoric detail readily available surrounding this text, we were issued an immediate curveball:

- Some lunatic went and made it personal, like as if Davey Poppins “practically perfect in every way” could be described as lukewarm.

- Worse still we were asked to rate ourselves on a scale 0 to 10 where 0 is frozen and 10 is way hotter than, well Dave. Yes hotter than a Dave. What could be hotter than that I hear you ask?

One minor drawback is that the Laodicean’ also had Dave syndrome. They thought they were absolutely fizzin but the stuff they’d done lately had not convinced Jesus. Incidentally, Jesus had a reliable heat sensor to hand. Jesus was not at all convinced and the heat sensor agreed labelling them lukewarm and even sickly. He was not recommending them as a place to host a buttie bar let alone a heavenly banquet. They were urgently needing hands, face & space. This is a deadly virus.

What on earth went wrong?

Well the gospel of Matthew 24:12 might give an insight: “The love of many will grow cold”. This wasn’t just a passing love; this is agapé that has headed for the freezer.

Look immediately earlier in the gospel and you’ll see this agapé level of love has caved in to the surrounding world, church and peer pressure. Oh dear, oh dear me Dave!

Cold is obvious; Christ is rejected, church is rejected. Jesus can judge that easily. However, Luke warm is so very dangerous because it is so deceptive. It attempts to sit on the fence. Plucking from a John Bevere book, a Lukewarm person is:

- Warm enough to fit in and sit in at church, makes the right noises and sings all the songs with gusto, even knows and quotes scripture - Cool enough to fit in with the world without them noticing any difference because all conduct, manner and speech is equally worldly - Like the Laodicean church, Luke warm is doing very nicely thank you. All seems well, but apparently NOT! Not to Jesus - Too much hot to be cold, too much cold to be hot. Lukewarm is a dangerous blend, a concoction of one thing and another, compromised and unsettling with obedience given to Jesus Christ only if it is seen to be in their own best interest - Lukewarm become like who they are around, motivated first and foremost by their own desires. No need to over commit, look sorry but don’t repent if it means too much change. Don’t rock the boat?

Sorry but Jesus is adamant there is no fence to sit on. Forget rocking the boat if this vessel is not even sea worthy. Luke warm is not ok and, incidentally, the Davey Poppins gospel heat isn’t gonna work either. Jesus makes it clear that only One heat source will do. We must go to him personally for the remedy we need. You can’t buy it online or from any other vendor. It doesn’t come that way.

Read the rest of the chapter in Revelation 3 to get the specific vendor instructions No other method of maintenance or assembly will do

Self promotion is no promotion at all. We offer our services to our King From an empty hand Desiring Him to fill that hand With the very thing He desires it to bring

As one hymn writer put it: "Nothing in my hand I bring Simply to thy cross I cling"

A Dave

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