Knock, Knock, Who’s there?

Do you ever feel anonymous? We probably all do at times or in some circumstances. When you meet people do you note a vague look cross their face when you introduce yourself? Do people often say, ‘Oh yes I know your husband, wife, mother, brother…?’ Do people often get your name wrong? I get Marry, Mary and Maria all the time. It’s the least we can do to get names right, don’t you think? The current isolation may not help either as we may feel more alone and perhaps even forgotten. It can leave us with a feeling of being unknown, unvalued and unimportant, in short, anonymous.

Well think again!

During the lockdown John and I have been studying Romans and there is nothing like a romp through Romans to boost self-esteem!

Chapter 4 tells us that Abraham and David were credited with righteousness by God through faith. We are also told that there is no distinction between Jew or Gentile. In short, if we share that faith, by grace, we too are credited with that same righteousness, meaning we are ‘right’ with God. This means that in God’s eyes we are up there with these great men of God. A great start!

Chapter 5 reveals to us how Jesus died for us while we were still sinners. We did not acknowledge him or deserve it in any way yet he still chose to die for us.That’s how much He loves us. Feeling better already?

Chapter 6 tells us that the Holy Spirit dwells within us and that this Spirt is every bit as perfect as Jesus. This is our true identity! Wow!

Then we get to Romans 8, the great chapter of faith! By grace, through faith, we move into a relationship with God. As His sons, daughters and heirs we have all the rights that come with being adopted by Him, including His forgiveness, His unconditional love and life eternal.

But let’s think a little more about grace. This blows me away! Chapter 8 V30 tells us that we are chosen by God to be his own. We are born tainted with Adam’s original sin so we are not naturally inclined or able to seek for God. But he can seek for us! God chose us before we were even born, in fact, before the creation of the universe. He always planned to know you, to soften your heart towards him so that he could save you. Now that’s a boost to self esteem!. The Living God, who created the heavens and the earth orchestrated history from the very beginning of time so he could know you and love you. Just pause and think about that. That’s grace! It takes us from being unknown to being known, valued, important and truly loved! That’s certainly not anonymous!

Knock Knock. Who’s there? A child of God!

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