As I sat in my conservatory today reading my Bible and having a quiet time, I began pondering on a few things...I’d like to share with you.

I want to encourage you especially at this time, that Father God, hasn’t taken His eye off you. He holds you in the palm of his hands. His eye is on you. He is still in control.

As I sat reading the book of Joshua, where the Lord is speaking to him, aboutgetting the Israelites ready to cross the Jordan River. The Lord said, He would give Joshua every place where he set his foot. Also, that no one would be able to stand up against him all the days of his life. That He would never leave him nor forsake him.

God said “Be strong & courageous” He actually said it three times. God told him not to be terrified or discouraged, for God would be with him wherever he went.

And I want to encourage you, God is with you right now, in the middle of this pandemic. Those same words are for you today. Be strong and courageous. He is with YOU, it is His promise.

Faith in God is trusting in Him even when you don’t understand His plan. Sometimes God will frustrate your process to reorder your priorities. But it’s often in the place of your greatest frustration that God will reveal His greatest glory. We never know how much faith we have until it is tested and given room to grow.

Some scriptures that have been an encouragement to me especially during this time are in the psalms.

Psalm 18v32, ‘…It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect…’.

Psalm 37v5-6, ‘…Commit your way to the Lord... He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun…’.

As we are in lockdown at the moment, during this pandemic, I’m aware that we will have anxiety and sadness. But we don’t have to stay there. If we allow the Lord to work in us, He will make a shift on the inside of us.

Knowing the Lord personally, allowing Him to transform us on the inside. Allowing Him to make us whole. Being strong and allowing the Lord to control our life, and putting this belief in action, to trust Him with the outcome will bring peace into this situation.

God has definitely got my attention right now. Has He got yours?

Whatever we encounter today, let’s hold on to this truth; The Lord will walk beside us, every step of the way.

Let’s be strong and courageous and make a significant impact on the world around us, however that may look like for you.

Don’t keep focusing on the negativity, focus on the One who holds the future. He will never leave you or forsake you. Know His peace today.


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