Please take a little time to read from Matthew's gospel chapter 25

Matt 25:14-30 parable of the talents Matt 25:31-45 the return of the king

If you don't know these stories well, then do please get out your Bible and have a read. Do it now. It might be urgent

We are told the wise servants acted with urgency to invest what was given to them. The third servant acted urgently too and very quickly buried the talent given, hid it away out of sight.

I asked what a wise kingdom investment looks like and what the distrustful act of "burying talents" might mean in my case. Of course it is immediately answered in the second passage that follows in the Bible. A wise investment isn't made by hiding our faith, burying our beliefs even if we bury them in religious activity. The evil servant mistrusted his Saviour's kindness and his life remained small and introverted.

A wise course recommended by Jesus is to see him in every face that we meet. He says he is especially visible in those we might prefer to ignore, those who we might regard as beneath ourselves. Or maybe they are interrupting our peace and quiet. Are they spoiling the view? I wish I hadn't thought to ask. Jesus says the investment begins when we expose our faith to an uncomfortable and needy world. I am naturally selfish and do not have much talent for this.

Could this actually be the investment of the Holy Spirit that I am so desperately asking for ? Not sure whether this is the mighty anointing I had in mind.

I know how I long for those words "Well done good and faithful servant". How I want to hear "Come receive the kingdom". Do I want this enough to let Holy Spirit build Jesus' nature into me?

As I wriggle uncomfortably with the idea that being Holy Spirit filled might impact my self centred existence, I read again in Acts 2:47 how sharing gave them "joyful hearts".

I see where I buried this talent. It's underneath the "me me me 1st" rubble.

Now where did I put that spade?

Holy Spirit help !

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