Foundations – Marie Jarvis I was woken this morning by the sun shining through the bedroom curtains. I love a sunny morning! I decided to get up, get ready and grab a cup of tea outside on the decking and take 5 minutes peace whilst the girls were watching TV. Unfortunately my peace wasn't long lived.... and no, not because of the girls but because of some machinery I could hear from next was quite loud. My peace was disturbed. Through no fault of my own. (And it wasn't my daughters for once!) As I peered over the top of the fence I could see a digger there, and I remembered a conversation I'd had a few days previously with our neighbour. In this time of lockdown he'd decided to start the extension on his house. As we chatted about it he was saying the plan is to have it finished by the time this lockdown is over ( I actually thought this was quite ambitious if I'm honest!) During our conversation he pointed out that the thing that takes the most time is the foundations. Making sure they are dug to the right depth, they are level and that they are laid correctly. (He went into a bit more detail, but I'm no builder, so to be honest the rest went over my head) but what did stick in my head was that if the foundations aren't right the whole thing could collapse because they wouldn't be able to withstand several really bad storms. Back to today......whilst I could hear this work going on next door, disturbing my peace and my nice quiet cup of tea I felt God ask the question, “what are your foundations like?”. Are my foundations in him built correctly? Are they strong enough to weather the storm? At this moment in time, this Country, this world is in a storm. It has had its peace stolen. People are in turmoil and frightened because they don't know where to turn and who to put their trust in. World leaders don't know what to do BUT our God does. I'm reminded that this is no shock to him, he IS in control. He IS still sitting on the throne. And if our foundations are strong we will come out the other side of this. As it says in Luke 6v48, ‘…that person is like a man building a house who dug deep and laid the foundation on rock. When the floods came, the water tried to wash the house away, but it could not shake it, because the house was built well…’ We have to make sure our foundation is good. Not only for our own sake at this time, but to help others and point them to God, because HE is the only answer at this time of trouble. What condition are YOUR foundations in? Are they deep and strong enough to withstand the storms? Or are they shallow and flaky, about to topple over at any moment? If they aren't how they should be, now is the perfect time to re-dig those foundations.

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