We’ve been very fortunate to have a week away by the sea. We’ve taken the dogs on the beach every day and one thing they particularly enjoy is fetching back the ball out of the sea. They love to swim, fetch and jump, body surfing the waves. Great fun.

The other day I threw one bright yellow tennis ball just a little too far though and with the roughness of the sea the dogs looked, considered, and then decided they weren’t going to bring it back. I wasn’t ready to jump in, so I watched the ball bob up and down and slowly drift away. I thought it’ll get washed back by the waves, but it wasn’t. The bright yellow ball became a dot as it drifted further and further out to sea. I guess it had now been washed up on some beach somewhere.

This brought me back to a verse that God has frequently reminded me of. It’s a sort of life verse - one which I think is the most important in the Bible. It’s Hebrews Chapter 2 verse 1;

“We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.”

I’ve shared before that in the Greek this verse has the picture of a boat heading to a harbour but the steering being ignored so that it drifts away from the opening and a safe dock. It’s a warning for us that we must always be focused on the word and our destination.

Drift is our enemy and it’s so easy to fall into its trap. Like the ball though, when we drift we move slowly away from where we should be, little by little, in an almost imperceptible motion until suddenly its apparent we’re far from the shore.

Let’s pay careful attention then to what we have heard - so that we don’t drift away.

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