I pulled up on the drive and got out of my car a few minutes ago having returned from my evening visit to my Dad. And yes - a permitted visit under our regime of restrictions. It’s a beautiful clear evening and as I stood on the drive I took the opportunity to marvel at the stars. I told God how incredible, and unfathomable the Universe is. And how could an awesome God, who created such a wonderful world be interested in you and me?

And as I pondered, I heard a hissing noise which I tracked down to one of the car rear tyres. My inspection revealed a shard of razor sharp steel poking out of the side wall. Within a minute the tyre was a pancake. Hmmmm, I thought. And now what, when you have no spare wheel?

Fortunately it’s all sorted and the tyre is being changed tomorrow morning. Phew.

It made me think though about the choices we have to make, day in and day out, when we’re confronted with situations which come along to test us. Situations like the current pandemic - and how we face them.

God constantly looks to see what choices we’ll make. When we have difficulties will we choose to respond with trust and faith in the Lord, or with fear and worry, wondering how will we cope? One of my favourite Bible stories is about how Jesus calms the storm. Take a look in Luke 8 v 22-25. When faced with the storm, the disciples chose panic and fear. Jesus reminded them the choice should have been faith. Is that how you are choosing to face this virus storm? Have you chosen to rebuke the fear and worry that so easily can creep us on us.

And the tyre situation? How was I going to get it fixed with all the virus restrictions? Well, I decided to ask the Lord to help sort it out. After doing that the solution quickly followed. I realised that the choice to make was to trust.

In these days, let’s choose faith and trust.

Proverbs 3 v 5 is a great reminder - Trust in the Lord with all your heart. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

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